Laminate Wood Flooring Guide & Information

Laminate Wood Flooring Guide & Information : Laminated Wood Flooring

When it comes to wood flooring, solid hardwood flooring is always the first choice of most home owners. There has been significant improvement in wood flowing materials in recent years and laminated wood flooring has gained popularity. Laminated wood flooring is getting popular because of its cheaper cost as compared to expensive hardwood flowing. Laminated flooring is made by bonding two layers of less costly wood backing. Sometimes layers of hardwood are also used but they are little expensive. Laminated wood it easy to install and has cheaper installation costs involved. They can be prefinished and glued down or applied over a thin foam pad laid on the subfloor.

What are the Advantages of Laminated Wood Flooring

Apart from above mentioned advantages; laminate wood flooring also has several other advantages.

Because laminated flooring materials are made up of multiple layers, they are less likely to suffer from expansion and contraction problems caused due to humidity. This problem commonly occurs in moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Laminated wood flooring is highly recommended for these parts of the home.

What are the Disadvantages of Laminated Wood Flooring

Solid-wood may be sanded and refinished multiple times. This is not possible with laminated wood flooring material. Laminated floors have a surface layer of about 1/16 to 1/8 inch thick. Once this layer goes, the floor goes.

Installing Laminate Wood Flooring

Most laminated floors are installed over plywood sub flooring. They can also be installed over smooth concrete slabs or existing vinyl flooring. Floating floors of laminated wood have tongues and grooves glued together using wood adhesive. The floor rests on a thin foam pad. When installed over concrete floors, a barrier of 6-mil plastic is used to seal out moisture.

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