Wood Flooring Finishes Guide – Wood Floor Surface Finish

Wood Flooring Finishes Guide – Wood Floor Surface Finish : Wood Flooring Finish

A good wood flooring finish is important and can help to reduce wear and tear on your favorite wood floor. There are two main types of wood floor finishes available: surface and penetrating. These wood finishes form a laminate / protective coating on the surface of wood. These are durable, easy to maintain, and moisture-resistant which make them very popular. They are also available in a variety of sheets that work well with stains.

Wood surface flooring finishes:

Following main types of wood floor surface finishes are available:

  1. Oil-modified urethane which are also the most common surface finish.
  2. Water-based urethane which are clear and fast-drying.
  3. Moisture-cure urethane which are very durable and moisture-resistant.
  4. Acid-cure urethane which are fast-drying and non-yellowing.

In recent years, wood flooring surface finishes containing aluminum oxide are also getting popular with manufacturers selling prefinished flooring because they offer a strong coating.

Penetrating Wood Flooring Surface Finishes

Penetrating wood flooring finishes soak into wood and solidify to create a protective seal. Examples of solvent-based penetrating sealers include Tung and linseed oil. With wax finish, a stain absorbs into the wood, and then a wax coating is applied for sheen. Wax finishes are easy to apply and repair. They are also inexpensive and quick-drying. However, proper care must be taken to maintain this finish, as water left on the surface can create and leave spots. The floor must also be periodically buffed and coated with wax at regular intervals.

Specialty Wood Flooring Finishes

Specialty wood flooring finishes such as acrylic-impregnated and ceramic varieties are also available for prefinished wood floors.

Acrylic-impregnated finishes force acrylic resin into wood to create a seal that reaches beneath the surface. These finishes are extremely tough and easy to maintain.

Ceramic finishes are also good enough. These finishes are similar to those used on ceramic tile and they significantly increase wood’s resistance to wear.

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