Electric Radiant Floor Heating System Guide and Information

Electric Radiant Floor Heating System Guide and Information : Electric Radiant Floor Heating System

With electric radiant floor heating system, enjoy the comfort of warm floors and soothing comfort and consistent even heat for your tile, stone, laminate, and engineered wood floors without any cold spots. These electric floor heating systems are easy to install, energy efficient, and can be controlled using a variety of programmable and non-programmable thermostat options. The working principle of electric floor heating systems is simple – when electric current travels through electric wiring, it generates heat.

In this type of radiant heating system, special floor-heating cables or woven mats, foils, or panels with built-in wires are installed on, in, or under the subfloor. They are then hooked up to an electrical circuit and a control such as a thermostat. When the control is turned on, electric current that moves through the cables or wires heats the floor.

Electric Radiant Floor Heating Guide

Another electric radiant floor heating system is cable system where a large electric heating cable is wound back and forth on the subfloor. Concrete or gypsum cement is poured over it to make slab with the cables inside it. This slab becomes a base for finish flooring such as tile or stone.

The base created in such process is flat and solid and is full of thermal mass. It can retain heat and then release it slowly.

Other electric radiant floor heating products including mats, foils, and panels are fastened between floor joists, laid between joists on top of fiberglass insulation, or embedded in the subfloor.

Because of increasing cost of electricity, electric radiant floor heating is best suited for bathrooms, kitchens, or small room where it is either difficult or comparatively expensive to heat by extending the existing heating system. Radiant floor heating is best in bathrooms with stone or tile floors that are, otherwise, too cold underfoot. Most manufacturers of radiant floor heating systems suggest that it may cost only about 40 cents a day to heat a 120-square-foot room.

When it comes to choosing the best radiant floor heating system, electric radiant floor heating system is an easy and inexpensive system to install. It is placed too close to the floor’s surface, therefore it is very responsive and effective at heating.

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