How to Paint a French Wooden Door – Painting a French Door

How to Paint a French Wooden Door – Painting a French Door : French Door Painting

A French door, also known as French windows, or as true divided lite (TDL) French doors, is a door made up of panes or panels of glass, called lites, fitted into frames made out of wood, metal or fiberglass. Glass makes major part of a French door. French doors are stylish and good looking and are a great addition to any home decor as they add style and beauty to the home. French doors can also work as home room dividers and partition. Proper installation and painting of a French door can add to the beauty of your home. Here I explain how to install a French door and how to paint a French door.

Painting a French Door: How to Paint a French Door

Painting a French door is not that tough since most of its part is made out our glass. Here I explain how to paint a wood French door.

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface of the door with sandpaper (120-grit sandpaper is good for the job). This will remove any unwanted material from the surface of the wood. Wipe off the door to remove all dust particles.
  2. Apply primer base coat and let the door dry. Apply a second coat if required or if the wood is porous.
  3. Apply a coat of finish paint. Let the door dry and reapply another coat of finish paint.
  4. Let the door dry completely and hang it on the hinges. Your newly painted French door is ready to add beauty to your home.

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