French Door – Interior and Exterior French Doors Material and Construction

French Door – Interior and Exterior French Doors Material and Construction : Steel French Door

A French door is a door made up of panes or panels of glass. Frames made out of materials such as wood, steel or fiberglass separate each panel. Glass panes of various shapes are fitted into these panels to get a flat French door.

A French door is a great addition to any home decor as they add style and beauty to the home. Apart from adding beauty to the home, a French door also allows maximum sunlight enter the house. French doors can also work as home room dividers and partition.

French doors are available in many sizes, styles and configurations. Frames and mullions of French doors are normally made from three types of material: wood, steel and fiberglass.

Wood French Door

Wood French Door

Wood French Door

Wood is the most common French door material. Wood makes excellent French doors and offer elegant beautiful look.

Wood is also the most expensive French door material in terms of both manufacturing and maintenance.

Wood for French doors comes in many verities that offer a great rustic and appealing look. They can also be stained or painted.

Common wood for French doors include: Hardwoods, softwoods, poplar wood, red oak wood, white oak wood, ash wood, hickory, cherry, walnut wood and mahogany wood.

Fiberglass French Door

Fiberglass French Door

Fiberglass French Door

Fiberglass is not a natural material for any door. It is a man-made material and is extensively used as material for home furniture including doors. Fiberglass is favored because it offers nice and clean look to give modern look and appeal. They can easily be painted or stained in any color to match the color of your home or your taste and living style.

Fiberglass is synthetic in nature and is quite strong and durable. It can sustain the worst climatic conditions without any peel, swell, or warp and needs least maintenance. Fiberglass is also very economical in terms of price. Fiberglass can also resemble wood through “edge treatment”.

Steel French Door

Steel is the most inexpensive French door material. Steel is strong, durable, long lasting. It offers elegant and beautiful metallic look to a home and can withstand any weather conditions.

Sometime steel can dent which makes it difficult to repair because of its hardness. However, a steel French door can get scratched or rusted and needs to be painted regularly. Once a year is good.

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