Salt Free Water Softener Review

Salt Free Water Softener Review : Salt-Free Water Softener

Salt-Free Water Softeners are in demand because many people are concerned about health effects and concerns resulting from salt from water softeners. Let me clarify here that the real health concerns are from intake of sodium chloride, and not sodium bicarbonate that results from softening water. Even though very little amount of sodium is added to water softeners, and it has minimal health effects on a normal healthy person, sick people, on advice of a doctor may want to reduce intake of sodium intake. These people need a water softener unit that regenerates with a potassium chloride salt substitute rather than sodium.

Salt-Free Water Softeners Buying Guide

A good option for people looking for salt-free water softeners is to install a water filter that will remove salt from drinking water.

Yet another option is an electronic or magnetic water softener. Electronic can magnetic water softener manufacturers claim that, this plug-in device, that clips onto the incoming water supply pipe, sets up a magnetic field that changes the electromagnetic properties of the calcium carbonate minerals so they are repelled from pipes and each other thus making the water soft with no salt.

Associations checking water quality delivered from various water softeners have found in their study that when such devices were tested against conventional ion-exchange softeners and against manufacturer’s claims, no major chemical or physical changes in the water happened and the units did not reduce scale formation.

Beware when buying these kinds of so called electronic or magnetic water softeners. Test the authenticity and reliability of the claims made by the manufacturers.

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