Sliding Door – Hardware and Construction of Interior and Exterior Sliding Doors

Sliding Door – Hardware and Construction of Interior and Exterior Sliding Doors : Sliding Door Hardware

Sliding doors are quite impressive and can be a good addition to a beautiful home. Sliding doors just slide easily on their way open or close. Sliding doors slide/move along hardware parts made of metal, wood, or vinyl tracks fitted into their frames at both top and bottom of the door. This movement of sliding doors can be made more easy and smooth by adding rollers (metallic or plastic) to the top and button or only at the bottom. Attaching the roller only at the top won’t work well. Sliding doors can be small and lightweight to large and heavy. They can also be custom made. For e.g., interior closet doors are lightweight and generally hung from the top, while exterior patio doors are heavier and slide along the bottom rail.

Sliding Doors: Hardware and Construction

Sliding door hardware parts mainly consists of frames, handles, locks, latches, rollers and strikes.

Exterior sliding doors normally have one movable panel and one fixed panel.

Sliding windows are essentially smaller versions of sliding doors. Most of these sliding windows don’t have rollers because of their smaller size and lightweight. Frames of these windows can glide along the tracks. Rollers can be installed at the bottom or both at top and bottom.

Sliding doors come in predefined sizes or they can be custom made according to the requirement. Sliding door material may include metal, vinyl, or wood.

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