Metal Roofing Leak Repair and Maintenance

Metal Roofing Leak Repair and Maintenance : Metal Roof Repairing

While most of the works related with repairing metal roofs are DIY which means you can do it yourself, for more complex metal roofing repair and problem fixing, you may need to call some roofing expert of professional or maybe a roofing contractor. Metal roofs are very durable, light-weight, fire resistant and need no or very little repair. Though you can replace a section of the metal roof, it is advised for the best that you call an installer who is trained in working with particular type of roof you have. You should check the invoices of original purchase of your roof and check if there is any warranty that may cover repairs.

Tips for general maintenance of metal Roofs

  1. Look for any loose nails. Pull them out and re-nail them.
  2. Check if there are holes, rust patches, or other signs of deterioration.
  3. Look up for any leaks. If you find and leak, seal it with urethane roof cement. Urethane roof cement is recommended by roofing experts because it offers better protection against ultraviolet rays than dord common asphalt or plastic roof cement. If the hole is of finger-size hole, make a small patch from the same material as the flashing, and cement it over the hole.
  4. Re-caulk all seams and edges along the flashing using urethane roofing cement.
  5. Severely damaged flashing should be replaced by roofing expert.

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