Budget Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

Budget Friendly Home Decorating Ideas : Home Decor

Having a beautiful home that you’re proud of is a monumental accomplishment. However, these economic times may not be the best time to spend a lot of money on home decor. Don’t let the economy stifle your creativity. There are many decorating ideas that are budget friendly without appearing cheap. Consider the following tips when redecorating if you want a new look without breaking the bank.

Paint – You can achieve a dramatic, eye-catching look while saving money by painting one wall a bold, daring color and leaving the others neutral. Not only will this cut down on the amount of paint you need, but it will give a vibrant look to any room. Read:

Free Advice – Visit your local decorating supply store. Engage the clerk in a discussion about your remodeling venture. These people make a living working with interior design items. They can give you the best tips and ideas for absolutely free.

Go Thrifty – Scour flea markets, garage sales, thrift shops, and pawn shops. Often times, home décor items are cheap and you can find almost anything you need, if you look hard enough. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying used. Once it’s put to use in your redecorated home, nobody will be able to tell.

DIY Crafts – There are a ton of do-it-yourself craft ideas for home décor items. You can transform a plain old picture frame into something that looks like it cost a fortune. You can even learn how to transform furniture from a mass-produced economy buy into an antique replica. There truly is no limit to the things you can learn from the die-hard do-it-yourself community.

Used Furniture – Yes, you can make your living space wow guests by purchasing used furniture. First of all, not all used furniture is in horrible shape. Some people buy new furniture on a whim every time they feel the need for a change. Take advantage of their fortune by purchasing your furniture used. If you buy something especially ugly, get a great throw to put over it and a few wonderful pillows. Nobody will ever know what lies beneath.

Reorganize – Take a good, hard look at the furniture you already have. Often times, you can find something in one room that can be re-purposed to fit into another room. One piece of furniture can change the look of a room dramatically. Also, rearrange the furniture you already have to optimize the space you’re working with. Sometimes you can make a room appear much bigger by simply moving things around.

Bring the Outside In – Add houseplants to your rooms to liven them up a bit. Adding live plants can give your room a fresh look without breaking your wallet. Remember to take care of them, give them plenty of water, and these plants will provide gorgeous decoration for years to come.

Redecorating your home doesn’t have to be an expensive venture. As a matter of fact, it shouldn’t be. A home full of well-used, purposeful items is much more homey and cozy than a home you are afraid to sit down in. Focus on making it feel inviting and everyone will love what you’ve done to the place.

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