How to Convert Basement into Living Space

How to Convert Basement into Living Space : A Basement Converted into a Living Space / Living Rom

Dryness is the most essential part to convert a basement into a living space or room. If the basement in your home is dry and the ceiling is at least 7 feet high, you can easily convert the area into living space. Basements in most homes have good area and many have large space that can be converted into several rooms.

Most of these basements are often used as recreation rooms, workout areas, home offices, and in-law living quarters etc. If you use some of the home improvement tips, you can easily convert this area in a living place.

Converting Basement into a Living Space

If your basement is perennially damp, you should first try to control water in the area.  To keep a basement dry, you can use measures such as drains, foundation waterproofing systems, grading, and surface water diversion. If you don’t want to go through all the work to dry your damp basement, you can leave the job in the hands of a professional waterproofing contractor. He will professionally implement all measures to keep your basement dry.

You will also have to take care of some of the equipments in the basement. These equipments could be heating ducts, electrical conduit, and pipes. If the basement has enough headroom, you can hide these equipment with a false ceiling. Otherwise, it may need to be rerouted. You can also leave ductwork and conduits exposed, and paint them to blend with the decor.

You will also have to dehumidify the area. If you already have a dehumidification system or a dehumidifier, You can get in touch with a contractor and work out to extend the existing system to serve the basement. Otherwise, you will have to get a new dehumidifier system.

Most basements minimum sunlight / natural light. Arrange for artificial lighting in the basement. Once you are done with all above, you can go for normal décor in the basement and convert it into a living space / living room.

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