How to Decorate a Small Living Room to Create More Space

How to Decorate a Small Living Room to Create More Space : Light Color and Paint in a Small Living Room can make it look bigger

Decorating a small living room to create more space and make it look larger is quite a job. Limited space is a hurdle to all your decorating ideas.

Here I will explain some tips and ideas to decorate a small living room in a way so that it looks larger and still be comfortable.

Before you start, keep following points in mind:

  1. Don’t make the living room too much congested with furniture. It will make the area look too ugly which is the last thing we want in hour living room.
  2. Get rid of all clutters and everything else that you rarely use. Things you rarely use will unnecessarily occupy space and make it look too congested and suffocating.

When you have taken care of above two, you are all set to decorate your living room to create    more space and make it look bigger.

Color and Paint in the Living Room

Your living room area is small and you want it to make look bigger and larger. Color and paint used in the living room can play a significant role here.

I recommend using light color on the wall. This is because light color reflects more light whereas dark color will absorb more light. Reflection of light from walls will make the area look bigger. Your should choose one color instead of multiple colors. If you want more than one color, choose different shades of the same colour. I also recommend not to use more than two shades of colour in a small living room. These two shades of colors can be used to paint the wall in vertical or horizontal strips. Vertical strips will make your living room look loftier while horizontal strips will make it look stretched.

Similarly, use light color on the ceiling and floor.

Same is the case with wood, metal and other furniture in the room. Use light color on all of these.

Living Room Flooring

Because you have limited space, you want it to look bigger. Don’t use carpet in any small room because it will give a congested visual affect.

If you have a wooden floor, consider laminating. In case of floor with tiles, arrangement of tiles can do some trick. In any case try to use light color.

Furniture in Living Room

You have to wisely chose furniture for a small living room to make full use of the limited small space. The first thing to keep in mind is to select light color. Choose light colored metal and wood. Avoid furniture with too many cabinets or storage space. Go for furniture that offers more visibility. The more you can see through the furniture, the more bigger the area will look.

Avoid big and bulky furniture. These furniture are not for small space. Armchairs, beanbags and loveseats are good choice here. Use big centre table. Instead go for a small multipurpose side table.

Also take care about arrangement of furniture. Make full use of the corners. Arrange your furniture wisely in the corner.

Decorating Living Room to Create More Space and Make it Look Large

When it comes to decorating a small living room so that it look more bigger and spacious, you just have to be cleaver. Here are some tips to décor a small living room:

  1. Using Mirror: Using mirror wisely in a small living room can make it look bigger and spacious. Wisely and well placed mirrors in several key areas of the living room can create double vision and make the space look bigger. You can go for a couple of large wall mirrors. Reflection from these mirrors will do the trick.

    Try to use the mirrors near the window so that it reflects more light and make the area brighter. Just make sure that you don’t use too many mirrors.

  2. Window: A small living room should always have large window. Large windows can make a small living room look bigger. The bigger the window is, the more light will enter the room. Better if you can use glass on the window so that it reflects more light.Use light colored curtains.
  3. Wall Décor: You should always be careful while choosing wall décor for a small living room. Consider a couple of large larger pieces rather then too many smaller ones. Again, choose light colored frames or color for any of these wall décor pieces. Do not put too many wall hangings or family pictures.

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