5 Best DIY Home Improvement Youtube Channels

5 Best DIY Home Improvement Youtube Channels : DIY Home Improvement Video

 DIY Home Improvement can be easy and fun to learn via videos. There can’t a site better than YouTube for Videos. There are tons of channels and videos on YouTube related to Do-it-Yourself or DIY Home Improvement Projects and How-Tos. Some of these channels and videos are useful, while others are useless and not professional.

We have searched and shortlisted the Top 5 Best YouTube Channels for to Learn DIY Home Improvement. Explore them to learn.

The Home Depot

Over 1350 videos and over 56,000 subscribers. The Home Depot DIY Home Improvement Channel on Youtube channel creates and uploads HD quality videos that are easy to understand to simple to follow instructions. The Home Depot Youtube channel is a must-subscribe destination for home improvement products and DIY project know-how. You will find videos that provide step-by-step instructions and advice to help you do more yourself and save more. Starting from how to install bathroom tiles and how to install a toilet, they have videos for almost all home improvement projects related to kitchen, living room, bedroom, painting, repairing, installation, decoration and furnishing etc.

Video: How To Tile a Bathroom Floor – The Home Depot

DIY Network

Over 2080 videos and over 56,000 subscribers. The DIY Network Home Improvement Channel on Youtube channel creates and uploads excellent quality videos organized into playlists for DIY landscape projects, cleaning clutter, outdoor DIY home improvement projects, Yard improvement, sewing and new creations, holiday crafts, decorating projects, cleaning and organizing tips, shower and bathroom improvement.


Over 395 videos and over 36,000 subscribers. An entertaining and educational home improvement channel. There creative videos are good for beginners to DIY home improvement projects. In addition to DIY tips, the channel also provides product spotlights and design ideas. Their home improvement videos are organized in playlists of How-to Hardware, How-to Lighting, How-to Plumbing, Eco-friendly Home Improvement, Learning videos, Design Ideas, Popular DIY Tips, How to, Features Products and Reviews.

Video: How To Repair Drywall – Large Hole – Build.com

Ask The Builder

Over 443 videos and over 40,000 subscribers. The Guru, Tim Carter explains video tutorials. The channel explains projects for DIY novices and experts. Videos are properly organized in playlists of Hand Tools, Power Tools, Siding, Roofing, Remodeling Projects, Plumbing, Painting, Outdoor Home Improvements, Framing, Fireplace, Flooring, Doors and Window.

Video: Light Switch Wiring – Ask the Builder


Over 992 videos and over 1,46,000 subscribers. Videos with innovative tips for your home and garden. All videos are organized into several playlists. Their videos cover almost all topics related to indoor home improvement, outdoor
Video: Bedroom Beauty Makeover – eHow home improvement, gardening and Eco-Friendly homes.

Video: Bedroom Beauty Makeover – eHow

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