Monthly House / Home Maintenance Schedule / Checklist

Monthly House / Home Maintenance Schedule / Checklist : Monthly Home Maintenance

Maintaining a monthly home / house schedule / checklist is a good practice to follow in order to make sure that all the fixtures, furniture and home appliances work properly without giving any trouble. There are other schedules such as quarterly, half-yearly, annually / yearly and seasonal to follow but in this article I will m mainly focus on monthly home maintenance schedules and common and good practices to follow.

Just like we all care for bike and cars, it is a good practice to maintain a monthly home maintenance schedule. This is a common practice among home owners who are bothered about home improvement.

What will be the monthly home maintenance cost?

Well, it depends on what kind of maintenance you do and what are the damages that you have to repair. But you can be sure that with little investment in monthly home maintenance, you can really save huge money in the long run. For example, with little maintenance and tips, you can easily save good money on home heating and cooling and slash your electricity bill.

How to Proceed with Monthly Home Maintenance and How to Prepare Checklist?

Well, this is very easy. Here are simple tips and steps to follow:

  1. Go through and inspect the furniture, fixtures and appliances around the home. Make a checklist of monthly, quarterly, yearly and seasonal maintenance projects.
  2. Home plumbing, home electrical, home appliances, home heating and cooling systems are some examples that may need monthly maintenance.
  3. Make sure you have the essential DIY home improvement tools.

Common Monthly Home Maintenance Projects

  1. Clean the HVAC filters. Change after every 3 months.
  2. Clean kitchen sink disposal.
  3. Clean range hood filters.
  4. Inspect the fire extinguisher and make sure it is usable and easily reachable.
  5. Check the tire pressure of car and bike. Also check and replace brake, oil filters and engine oil.
  6. Inspect for any cracks around the house and repair them immediately.
  7. Inspect all the wooden furniture and fixtures for damage due to moisture or insects and repair and take preventive measures immediately.
  8. Inspect the home electrical wiring system and make sure it is working fine and there are no chances of any electrical shock or damage. Make sure there is proper grounding.
  9. Check the plumbing system for any leaks and make sure there is no dripping.
  10. Clean and drain the hot water heater.
  11. Clean and run all sinks, toilets, baths, and showers and make sure there is no problem.
  12. Check the sump pump.
  13. Clean all the drains.
  14. Check all the door and window locks and make sure everything is fine.
  15. Check and clean refrigerator and freezer coils.
  16. Vacuum-clean under all furniture and laundry all the curtains and carpets.
  17. Make a list of unused items and clutters and either store them in the storage room or dispose them off.
  18. Make sure the fireplace is clean.
Monthly Home Maintenance Schedule

Monthly Home Maintenance Schedule

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