Electrical Safety Tips for DIY Home Improvement

Electrical Safety Tips for DIY Home Improvement : Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is very important when doing DIY home improvement projects. When you buy any power tool, the operating instructions or user manual is provided with most of them. It is important to read these instructions very carefully to avoid and accident.

Electrical Safety Tips for DIY Home Improvement

  1. Buy electrical or power tools with option to remove the switches to prevent unauthorized use. Also try to buy tools and equipment with padlocks for additional safety.
  2. There are extension power cords available with auto-cut and prevents electric shock.
  3. Do not walk on or coil up very tightly the power cord. It can cause internal damage to the wires.
  4. To prevent electric shocks because of faulty extension power cord, buy a Residual Current Device (RCD). This is a simple fitting that is plugged into the socket before the power cord and provides complete protection to the user. These are also easily available and are not very expensive.
  5. Use insulated sockets for outside and inside work.
  6. When drilling a wall, you can accidentally drill into an existing cable or a pipe. To prevent such accidents, buy an Electronic Pipe and Cable Detector. These detectors can wirelessly detect metal pipes, wooden studs ad live wires through concrete or plaster up to a depth of about 50 mm or 2 Inches.
  7. Wall-mount few fire extinguishers around the home and make sure everyone in the home knows how to operate it. Also make sure it is tested and serviced regularly.
  8. Use circuit breakers across the home wiring to prevent electric shocks and damage to home appliances.
  9. When working with any home or kitchen appliances, make sure that is it switched OFF and take out the plug from the socket.
  10. Always wear leather slippers or shoes when working with electricity.

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